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I create hand crafted websites focused on ease of use, clarity of purpose and compelling design. Weaving art, design and business together I challenge the visual status quo, reinvigorate stagnant brands, solve complex identity problems and discover hidden growth opportunities. Yes, I can do all that for you through design. What I cannot do is make you something you are not.

I will, however, explore who you are and who you want to be as a business or organization, and I will work with you to clarify your vision online. I'll focus your web strategy, visually articulate your brand and design effective online communications that knock people's socks off.

I'm very good at helping you:

  • understand your customers
  • clarify your business goals online
  • integrate & leverage social media
  • search engine optimization/marketing
  • design or redesign your website
  • customize a WordPress theme
  • maintain and host your website


I see design as a way to solve problems, connect people and communicate ideas. I take great care to understand who you are and where you're going. I ask a lot of questions. I listen. I wrestle with the why and what of your project before the how, how much and how long. I am not trendy. I take calculated and unexpected creative risks. I like to work with people who understand design or trust that I do.

No two design projects are exactly alike. Each is a unique expression of the person, business or organization it represents, and is shaped by specific personalities, goals, budgets, requirements, schedules and technology. With this in mind, I tailor a flexible process of research, analysis, information architecture, creative brainstorming, prototyping, production and testing to fit your needs.

And since I create only a select number of websites each year, I take my time with each design. I want every project to reflect the highest possible craftsmanship and creativity I can deliver. I've found this design approach makes both you and I happiest at the end of the project.


Good design doesn't have to be expensive. Design requires an understanding of the value of design beyond trendy styles, a knowledge of who you are, and a trust in me as a design professional to craft effective solutions at a fair price. And since each design project is different in terms of scope, schedule, complexity, administration and objectives, it's difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all price. Accurate estimates require a thorough understanding of all the project components on my part, and a detailed explanation of the requirements and objectives on your part.

That's why you must complete a Project Questionnaire (coming soon!) before pricing. I carefully review your responses and follow up with a phone conference to discuss how I work, walk you through some portfolio examples, and clarify your project’s vision, scope and requirements. Only then can I provide a reasonable price estimate for review. I do not typically provide proposals. If my estimate doesn't come in at a workable price, we can discuss options to scale back project requirements to fit your budget.

"His designs are practical and inspired, a powerful combination."

- Jerry Hasner,



Construction & Real Estate
  • Castle Florida
  • Graystone Inc.
  • Eleanor Ager Realty
  • Miami Angel Properties
  • La Cigale
  • L'Andana Grill
  • Gan Asia
  • National Mitigation Banking Association
  • Florida Mitigation Banking Association
  • Mititgation Marketing
  • Elder Law Associates
  • Morris Law Group
  • Ido Stern, P.A.
Consumer & Retail
  • The Candy Collection
  • Boca Confections
  • The Beached Boat
  • YoSpin
Entertainment & Personal
  • Total Video Solutions
  • J3HD Video
Non-profit & Educational
  • Sunday Salon
  • A-76 Institute
  • B'nai Torah Congregation
  • Boca Raton Synagogue
  • Donna Klein Jewish Academy
  • South Palm Beach Medical
  • Boca MUA
  • MUA Chicago
Clients Hailing From:

Chicago, Orlando, Austin, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Miami, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Boston, New York City


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Rebranding a company from the ground up is both fun and challenging. So when Rebekah and Danny Quintana contacted me about rebranding their successful construction and remodeling company, Graystone Inc., I couldn't wait to dive in. Both Rebekah and Danny have backgrounds in design which made our creative collaboration and communication easy and constructive. Their charge to me was to create a brand that would capture the essence of the popular Anthropologie stores, but translate it for their company and clientele.

If you've ever been in an Anthropologie store, you can appreciate the complexity and diversity of the brand. After some study, I discovered the secret to Anthropologie's brand is diversity focused on a very specific type of person. I worked with Danny and Rebekah to thoroughly clarify and define their client base, and then created a brand strategy and visual language to express Graystone's unique capabilities to that client base.

The result is a very flexible brand that can speak to Graystone's clients in many different ways. The logo employs multiple color palettes based on the environment and purpose of the application without being off brand. Each brand color palette was carefully selected to appeal to different aspects of the client base.

The Graystone website also reflects this same brand strategy. Each page of the site has its own design that reflects a different part of Graystone's personality, services and capabilities-from the engaging before and after portfolio stories to the helpful insights and resources in the Ideas Journal. All managed by a top notch, open source content management system: WordPress.

our part: competition research, brand strategy, logo and identity, typography, copy editing, coding, WordPress custom website design, WordPress training, website maintenance and upgrades

WordPress Custom Website Design

Graystone WordPress Custom Website Design

Miami Angel Properties


How do you design and develop a website in under four weeks that breaths new life into a brand in an industry reeling from a severe economic recession? This was the challenge Ross Milroy, the owner of Miami Angel Properties, and I faced when we partnered together to rethink and reinvent his company’s website.

Ross was the perfect client to work with to tackle this project successfully. He quickly got me up to speed on the subtle nuances of South Beach’s real estate market, culture and clientele. He also took the time to help me understand his business vision and goals for the site before we ever talked about design or implementation. And we came to a mutual understanding that a well designed website and a carefully planned brand strategy would give Miami Angel Properties the competitive edge it needed to succeed in a market where companies were failing rapidly.

My competitive survey of other real estate websites in Miami revealed that there was little design differentiation between them. These sites looked stale and did little to reflect the vibrant South Beach area. And almost none of the competition at the time was taking advantage of blogging as a tool to establish brand and increase market awareness. I addressed these market gaps by integrating the WordPress content management platform into and creating with Ross a real estate blog within the site called SoBe Journal.

Visually, I felt it was important to create a brand that countered the somewhat cloudy economic climate that had enveloped the lively South Beach area. I drew design inspiration from the colorful Art Deco architecture, world class international cuisine, laid back beach atmosphere and rich art culture to create a Miami Angel Properties brand that expressed transparency, optimism, trust and passion in a fun, sophisticated way.

our part: competition research, brand strategy, website design, typography, copy editing, coding, WordPress custom website design, WordPress training, maintenance, Search Engine Optimization

Real Estate WordPress Custom Website Design

Smith Salley & Associates


When Brian May, a research analyst and portfolio manager at Smith Salley, approached me about redesigning their website, I had no idea how saturated the wealth management market space is online.

After a detailed visual and content survey of the top fifty wealth management firms in the United States, I was surprised to discover an industry where the majority of site are under performing both aesthetically and functionally. The overwhelming majority these sites are rife with visual cliches like sailing, hiking and smiling happy people holding hands. Most importantly, many of these sites fail to provide relevant content to potential clients.

Working closely with Brian, we developed the site content, layout and design to present the most useful client information upfront and in a personable yet professional way. We deliberately chose to keep the site’s visual design elements to a minimum and let bold, elegant, hand drawn illustrations express the Smith Salley brand personality. We were pleased with the results and feel that the simplicity and openness of the site’s design, content and functionality is not only reflective Smith Salley’s brand, but also groundbreaking in the wealth management industry.

our part: competition research, brand strategy, WordPress custom website design, typography, copy editing, coding, WordPress training, website maintenance and upgrades


"His strong direction helped us to move past
some of our preconceived notions."

- Brian May, Portfolio Manager,

Radiant Plumbing

When Sarah Casebier, co-owner of Radiant Plumbing in San Antonio, contacted me about redesigning their website, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a client who cared as much about their brand as they did about their service. Sarah and her husband Brad wanted the site’s design to stand out in an overly crowded yet completely drab Austin plumbing market.

During the research and analysis phase I discovered that most plumbing companies geared their design and messaging toward men, yet their actual client base was women. This disconnect between design and audience became an opportunity for the Radiant brand to speak to women in a visually appropriate way.

Through illustration, color and texture, I blended the master craftsmanship of their plumbing work with Brad and Sarah’s warm personalities in a female friendly aesthetic. Central to the design was the brand concept and tagline, “The Art of Plumbing.” I also incorporated blogging capability so Radiant could establish a rapport with potential clients by sharing their plumbing knowledge�something no other plumber in their market was doing.

The site was a huge success. In the first month they had 14,000 unique visitors and the site was featured in online design galleries in Japan, Russia and the US. It was even named in the best CSS designs of 2009. And their customers seemed to like the redesign as well. In fact, the contractor who built Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock’s home in Austin hired Radiant because of the uniqueness of their website design. Over the years the site’s design has changed with the business, but the art of plumbing still shines through.

our part: competition research, brand strategy, WordPress custom website design, typography, copy editing, coding, WordPress training

Radiant Plumbing Custom Website Design

Radiant Plumbing Custom Website Design

Sunday Salon

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I jumped at the chance to help the Sunday Salon founder, Nita Noveno, transform her international prose reading series into an online magazine and hub for emerging and established writers. Based in New York City with satellite series in Chicago and Nairobi, Sunday Salon has over 200 alumni writers, readers and poets plus numerous musicians. I had the challenge of designing a brand strategy, identity and website that captured the work of this talented yet diverse group.

The first step was to create a visual language that could adequately express an international brand and the writers it represented. I chose to be bold, minimalist and modern in the identity and site design to ensure the widest possible audience connection and brand flexibility.

The Sunday Salon website is a very complex, multimedia site that integrates seamlessly with the WordPress content management system. features videos from the latest readings (linked to YouTube of course), integrated banner advertising, a Salon shop, photo galleries from worldwide Salons, slideshows, a blog, book reviews, writer interviews, news from specific cities, Google ad integration, an online magazine, author biographies and tons more.

I also designed the Salon magazine covers which is a lot of fun. Each issue centered around a word-theme which Salon supplies along with the stories that go with the Zine. I create the cover illustration to express the theme visually and the stories with it.

our part: competition� research, brand strategy, WordPress custom website design, logo and identity, coding, WordPress training, website maintenance

Sunday Salon Custom WordPress Website Design

Exit Real Estate

Exit Realty in Austin, Texas saw the work I did for Miami Angel Properties and hired me to redesign their website. I crafted this custom site in WordPress to capture their existing Americana brand with a classic, casual Norman Rockwell feel. The site was recognized on one of the world's largest stock photography and illustration websites, istockphoto, as their Design of the Week, and has been featured in numerous online design galleries.

Unfortunately, the real estate crisis hit, the company had to close it’s doors, and the site reverted to me. This real estate website is now for sale. I have modified the design with sample content so you can walk through the site and get a feel for it’s layout and functionality. Here are some highlights:

Contact me at davis[at] if interested.

our part: competition research, brand strategy, WordPress custom website design, coding, WordPress training, website maintenance and upgrades

WordPress Custom Website Design


Thumbdive is a social application that gives it's members the unique ability to create private networks of friends and family and stay connected throughout the day. We designed the Thumbdive website, logo and branding to highlight Thumbdive's first to market capability for their application launch. Wendy Tam, founder of AirGini and one of the smartest people I’ve met, later turned Thumbdive into private label social collaboration software for businesses and organizations.

our part: brand strategy, hand crafted website design, identity design, typography, copy editing, coding by postpostmodern

Thumbdive Custom Website Design


  • Contact ps
  • Answer project questionnaire
  • Clarify project scope
  • Provide price estimate
  • Sign contract, send deposit


  • Conduct creative research
  • Present creative springboard
  • Design visual concepts on prototype
  • Revise and refine visual design
  • Design logo and identity if needed

  • Understand business objectives
  • Define site goals
  • Clarify site audience
  • Survey existing brand
  • Analyze online competition


  • Edit and polish site content
  • Optimize for search engines
  • Test for browser compatibility
  • Assure site functionality
  • Launch site and correct issues

  • Define or refine brand strategy
  • Identify important user paths
  • Finalize site requirements
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Refine prototype content, layout


  • Provide site hosting
  • Maintain and upgrade site
  • Analyze site traffic
  • Conduct WordPress training
  • Provide creative consultation

"Noah is responsive, responsible and
always comes through on time and within budget."

- Ross Milroy, Broker & Owner,


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Noah Davis has been designing Web sites since 1995 - just about the time the Internet started getting hot. Noah's design work has been featured in numerous online website galleries around the world that you’ve probably never heard of or care about. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland and is married to his best friend whom he met while walking through Riverside Park in Manhattan. He operates purple studios from his home office, occasionally getting work done between playing with and settling arguments between his three children.